Our story, our value

SOL Software Private Limited is the sole owner of SOL Banking System. In 2010, the company realized the unmet needs and technology challenges in banking and financial domains and therefore initiated concerted effort to address them. Five years later, the company announced a robust digital solution suitable for the ever expanding needs in Banking and Finance. Effectively, a secure, modular and highly scalable solution was born which would cater for the needs of banks of any size and serve as the launching pad for SOL Software services.

SOL Softare's premium product is SOL Banking System is a premier technology solution for banking and financial organizations and is already a growing force in microfinance banking sector. The SOL Banking System has been designed, developed and managed as a robust Core banking application which is currently in use by many banking institutions across the world. Recently, SOL Banking System has made inroads and entered the Credit Union market in Panama and Latin America. SOL Banking System has been successfully implemented and running in 5 Credit Union Banks for over a year now. SOL now plans to expand further and implement the solution in another 25-30 Credit Unions in the next year.

SOL Software Private Limited operated as unincorporated entity for 4.5 years developing and testing pre-market products and setting up the necessary structure for the takeoff of its product on banking & microfinance institutes solution. During this pre-registration period, the company existed as Helios Software and the products & marketing materials produced during this period used the name Helios Banking System. Subsequently, however, the board of the company decided to change the name from Helios Banking System to SOL Banking System.

SOL Banking System has already covered Branches banking small/medium/large with ATMs & Kiosks switch integration, Internet Banking, Mobile Banking, Financial Switch, Retail banking including credit debit card integration and Breakdown of Delinquency management. New Services which have been included in the SOL Banking System are: OTP generation on the App for added security, Biometric details capturing and validation at the time of KYC creation, Customer Portal and Apps for i-OS and Android devices, Multi-Currency Corporate accounts and facility to send money through email in a secured manner.

Meet the team

Mohojit Das
President & CEO
A Computer Scientist and Co-founder of SOL Software with more than 15 years of experience in development and implementation of large scale banking applications. He used to lead a development team in one of the largest banking software companies in the Industry.

Rajesh Raavi
Vice President, Technology
A Computer Scientist with hands-on experience in successful Service Oriented Architecture implementations by leveraging a 19-year career. Experienced in requirements analysis, design, development, testing, deployment, and operations of leading enterprise solutions across various industries in different countries(USA, Canada, Mexico, Germany, Malaysia, INDIA).
Ismail Jibrin
Vice President, Business Development
An Internist who is also Board Certified in Clinical Informatics. He currently also works as a Lead IT Physician in the United States, designing and developing Clinical IT solutions.
Chhanda Das
Chief Operating Officer
A Co-founder of SOL Software with over 10 years of administrative experience in various organizations including IT companies. She is very versatile in human resource management.